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  • Lets just put it this way, there won't be any dummy spits from me if he isn't in the Adelaide team. :D ;)

    There will be one however if he is named. :D
    That photo you posted in the facebook thread....... that blonde..... ****ing hell! :eek:

    Where were the bishes like that at my HS?!!! :D
    And yet, still less creepy than a mixture of facebook stalking, and yearbook looking up. :p

    Part of me still wonders if you actually got it right.
    Oh I am very much with you on a total distaste for most of the liberal front bench. He'll I can only confidently name Redmond, Lucas and Chapman confidently!

    I just hold strong dislikes of Rann, Foley, Atkinson, Conlon, Koutsiatonus and Lomax-Smith.

    Weatherill and Hill I actually have time for.

    The more I write I must admit the alcohol poisoning seems like an intensely reasonable solution! Oh well, on the bright side we're not in NSW!
    Ive actually got alot of time for Redmond. Not so much her leadership news grabs, but when she indepth discusses an issue, i think shes pretty clued on.

    Thing is, in the rest of the party i see nothing but the left overs from the Kerin/Olsen governments, which i certainly wasnt a fan of. They havent actually regenerated their party. Redmonds just one face, the others (chapman, lucas etc) tend to put me off in a major way.
    So, if the Liberal Party gets in here, i fully expect to not see you posting for a while as you get over a severe case of alcohol poisoning? :p
    Little boxes on the hill side, little boxes made of ticky-tacky little boxes on the hill side, little boxes all the same, theirs a green one and a blue one and yellow one and made of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same – yep sums Golden Grove up alright. But the same could be said for Mawson Lakes and any brand new housing estate getting built these days.
    Hey mate. He's been doing pretty well, in fact he won the Star Search award thingy last week. Played 5 games, kicked a couple of goals. Got good pace, is aggressive and took two courageous marks last night. I guess he's an outside chance of being drafted but his height/kicing inconsistencies might hold him back.
    :p Good call. And I think half the people there will be from BigFooty doing some scouting. ;)
    Hey mate, your turn for the SANFL thread this week, me being on a yellow card :)rolleyes:) and all, I'm unable to do it.
    lol nah you're right, he's not. has never been to perth though so just wants to come for the sake of it!
    oh awesome, those games are always good!
    yeh im getting to them all hopefully :)
    it was seriously the best day of my life! just to win when i really didnt expect it, in melb, at the g, against collingwood, with three debutants, two players with only two games! i was jumping around like a maniac after the game, i was wrapped :D

    then to get to go in the rooms, and i was next to goody, wow. it was a dream come true :D :D
    It's ringing bells...

    It wasn't my idea anyway, it was CC's, blame him!
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