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    Mega Thread Adam Goodes (Trolls will be carded - read OP!)

    As a teacher with over 20 years experience, mainly in western NSW, not once have I ever heard a white student called an ape. I have heard it twice - once aimed at an Aboriginal student and once at a student from an African background. The whole she-didn't-know-what-she-was saying argument is...
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    BOOO-ing Goodes

    Explain - why? Why now boo Jetta more? Boo him when launching a charity? Even as a Swans supporter, I understand that people will boo him but these comments are just ridiculous. Rational and empathetic, hey? Take off the 'em-' and you're closer to the mark. Idiot.
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    Sam Mitchell's 34 effective disposals: a new world record??

    Leading the AFL in effective knees in 2015....... (but a great player nonetheless)
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    Mitch Clark

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    Mitch Clark

    As someone who has battled with depression for 25 years, I wish the best for Mitch Clark. For people who have no experience of mental illness, it is really difficult to understand what is going on in a person's head, and that is no criticism of those people - even people with depression don't...
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    RIP Phil Walsh

    Well done for a classy response by Geelong and all involved with the club over the cancellation of this week's game. After seeing Chris Scott's compassion and understanding for Mitch Clark, it's no surprise at all that the club has reacted in such a admirable manner. Best of luck to the Cats for...
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    Sam Mitchell - sneaky dirty

    What grand final was that? As far as I remember the Swans didn't even turn up to play! No, I actually admire his skills - great player.
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    club songs rate Top three/Bottom three

    Worst 1. Freo - no argument. 2. West Coast Eagles - too contrived. 3. Hawthorn - no reason except I just hate hearing it on grand final day. Best 1. Richmond 2. St Kilda 3. Swans
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    Sam Mitchell - sneaky dirty

    I like Sam Mitchell as a player but I reckon it's time he got his due as sneaky dirty player. He rarely does anything overtly but does the little knees in tackles, niggles to get free kicks, mouths off and so on. Is he the King of the Sneaky Dirty clan?
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    Lame Jokes about the AFL

    The seven dwarves are trapped in the mine when by a rock fall. Snow White rushes to the blockage to see if she can any sign of life. As she listens, she can hear a faint voice singing,"Good old Collingwood forever....." "Thank God," she says. "Dopey's alive."
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    Lame Jokes Part 2

    Where do you go when your bum wears out? To a wholesaler.
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    Lame Jokes Part 2

    A naked man wrapped in glad wrap walks in to see a doctor. "Doctor, doctor, what's wrong with me?" "Well, I can clearly see your nuts."
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    Buckley v Robbo on AFL 360

    Love it!
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    TV Open Mike

    Has Mike ever done Vander Haar? From what I've heard and read, he'd have some stories to tell.
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    Damian Barrett

    You could land a plane on the gap between his top lip and his nose.
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