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  • Hey mate. How do you get the things down the bottom.
    Right now you've got "I LOVE TO TRADE". I've never known how to do that so if you could help me out with that it'll be much appreciated!!
    Yeah I do, he's just a flaming douchebag muppet who has no idea and jerks off just because he has Malcheski in his team and I don't.

    Doesn't matter that he had both Tippet and Clark as his ruck duo. The dam jackoff thought they were keepers but has now swapped one of them to Seaby who is a spud too. LOL!

    Haha you hate PK Le Grand dont you, I never se him though, although I think I might kno that person in 'real life' I think he is a friends friend. But I dont like him either ;)
    Haha your a tight ass trying to make ppl make bad decisions ;) 'There's a certain person around here who has him that I want to make sure keeps him.'
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