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  • Hey GANTY would like to update the Photoshop Tutorial?
    Its full of broken links to templates :)
    Ill try and see how I go. I dunno how far you went back through the tut but Ive re-uploaded at least one of the templates once before but the link is broken again :(
    Shit I was thinking exactly the same thing earlier! Spam central but at least his posts make a bit of sense. Looks like he's trying to get the post count up.

    They all fade away :p
    i've got 2 ideas left, one is merge an AFL club with any other club

    the other is choosing a guernsey at 'random' ;) and people have to merge that with any other guernsey from afl history
    thanks so much for the polls mate

    do you remember we also requested to have colored topic categories? I remember it got posted somewhere on the board, but i cant find it. Could you locate that for me so that I can also send that request thru too.

    I asked admin, they didnt do anything.
    I'll ask again.
    But they don't often reply, they're pretty busy.
    Now your finished the layer editing and I am assuming if you are reading this you know enough about Photoshop to add details like sponsors, numbers and sashes/stripes/hoops to go on and do that on your own but if you are beginner feel free to ask questions and myself or someone here will try to respond ASAP
    Also I think this should be stickied

    Hi, I'm a beginner so I don't know what to do. Can you post something in your Photoshop Tutorial. Thanks
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