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    Preview Rnd 5 - Carlton v Bulldogs Sunday April 21st 1.10PM @ Marvel - Final Team - Post #854

    100 games that he wouldn’t have played if he got drafted to any other club.
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    Preview Rnd 5 - Carlton v Bulldogs Sunday April 21st 1.10PM @ Marvel - Final Team - Post #854

    Why bring back Polson when he hasn’t gone back to the 2nds to work on his many deficiencies? Carrying both Polson and Gibbons in the forward half makes absolutely no sense.
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    Preview Rnd 5 - Carlton v Bulldogs Sunday April 21st 1.10PM @ Marvel - Final Team - Post #854

    In - Charlie Curnow 2018 Form Out - Charlie Curnow 2019 Form
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    Autopsy Rd 4 - Massive choke - Bottomed out again.

    Bolton and selection committee must go. Time after time, wrong team gets picked. 4 tall forwards and the ball ket getting kicked to Gibbbons - absolutely pathetic. We were 10 x more talented than Gold Coast list today but got out coached and had no structure/game plan to move the ball forward...
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    Game Day Rnd 4 - Carlton v GC Gameday Discussion

    Stop kicking it to Gibbons.
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    Port Adelaide v Richmond. AFL Round 4, 2019

    Umpiring has been horrendous. Stack has been a great pick up.
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    Autopsy Rd 3 vs Swans. 19 point loss

    Haven’t had a decent small forward in ages. Can’t believe didn’t have a look at Sydney Stack after he didn’t get drafted. I know had some off field issues but surely you back club/coaching to get beat out of a kid like that.
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    Teams New England Patriots - The Pats

    The D, especially Hightower were awesome. McCourty's play to break up Cooks in the end zone was huge!
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    Game Day 2018 DRAFT - Christmas is early this year

    Awesome trade to move down 4 spots to gain another 2nd round pick.
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    Rumour Shane Mumford - Video "snorting powder"

    PM please?
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    Confirmed Alex Fasolo [joins Carlton as an Unrestricted Free Agent]

    Have no idea how Collingwood get compo for Fasolo. Apparently has only signed a 1 year deal. Whole free agency compo is an absolute farce.
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    Toast Welcome to Carlton Mitch McGovern

    Great work - let's get Setterfield locked away.
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    Confirmed Mitch McGovern [traded to Carlton in a three-way trade involving Sydney and McAdam]

    Gibbs will be even better for you next year IF both the Crouch boys & Sloane can stay fit. Will be able to play more outside/move forward and use his kicking skills.
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    Real GANGSTERS move in silence! Never count Dodoro out.
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    News Mitch McGovern nominates Carlton

    This is a great trade for a contracted player. Would much rather McGovern who is a known quantity in the age bracket we are crying out for than 2 teenagers picked up the mid twenties of the draft. McAdam may or may not be a good player but was a free hit so have no problems including him as...
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