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    Ultra Tall Forward Line

    Cox gives no second effort. I’m happy to happy to see talls if they have a second effort ability. I also liked Pendlebury at half forward. It’s time for a new role in his twilight years.
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    Toast Round 8 = North Melbourne 76-94 Collingwood

    Noble should be nicknamed “Saddam”.. in honour of the Butcher from Baghdad. He absolutely butchers it...
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    Preview Changes & Pre-match Discussion - Round 9 vs. Sydney Swans, SCG Sat 15/05 @ 1:45 pm

    Bloody hell... re Murphy. if Murphy and Roughead are crook? It has to be Madgen and Wilson!
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    The Rebuild

    Mid season draft... get the two best key position players available. End of year; all our points will get burnt up on Daicos and Dib (that kid is also good). We just need to be patient and wait for all our mids to come good: ie Macrae, McInness, Rantall, Poulter, Bianco, Chugg, Sier, Daicoses...
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    2021 Didaka Medal - Rnd 8 Collingwood V North Melbourne

    5. de goey 4. Moore 3 Crisp 2. Maynard 1. Grundy.
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    Ultra Tall Forward Line

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    Oppo Camp Deathriding Dogs, Freo and Crows - Daicos points.

    Has anybody thought about Dib? That kid looks as though he will attract a second round bid. We want points for Daicos AND Dib.
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    Preview Changes & Pre-match Discussion - Round 8 vs. North Melbourne, MRVL Sat 08/05 @ 4:35 pm

    In: Moore back to CHB. It’s plainly obvious, watching live, that he CREATES goals. Out: Keane. He’s crap. No more of these Irish, American,Swahili or whatever the hell else international “Project Players”... If an International is such an athletic freak, they’re not going to play freakin...
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    2021 Didaka Medal - Rnd 7 Collingwood V Gold Coast

    5 Checkers 4 Daics 3 Pendles 2 Grundy 1 Quaynor mention: Murphy
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    Player Watch Jordan De Goey (Part 2)

    We are going to rebuild. We need draft picks. We can’t afford non contributing players. Enough said.
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    Player Watch Mark Keane

    I’m sick of seeing goddam Irishmen, Yanks, Poms and whatever else project player we try to “develop”. Just play goddam players that grew up playing Auskick and understand the bloody game!
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    Roast Round 7 = Collingwood 55-79 Gold Coast

    We haven’t even hit rock bottom yet.
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    Coach Who would you like to see as our new head coach in 2022? (Poll added)

    Checkers was a lion! Great effort.