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  • Hey - sorry bout not getting back - last couple weeks have been mad.

    Good luck this weekend - will be travelling down to Melbourne on Saturday for a bit of a boys weekend so am hoping it isn't too one sided (in favour of your blokes).
    Hmm, to be honest you haven't missed much memorable. Bender_'s churned out solid work, but apart from that, it's been pretty sh*t work all around.
    D_One pwned himself in TOTY (still stickied), Plugger35 did everything in his power to be FOTY, but got gazumped at the poll, after I orchestrated an ambush on Poseidon (formerly Brownlow Judd), who proceeded to welch on a bet relating to said poll. That's b2b Carlton welchers being crowned FOTY. :D
    Rest assured though, Plugger35 is back on the horse, doing his darndest to win FOTY this year. :thumbsu:
    Most of the Bay has cottoned on to the fact that Port Power (est 1996) fans are trying to pass off as PAFC (Est 1870), and this has been a consistently lulzy meme.
    Unfortunately, GuzzLG got a Bay ban, so I no longer have my favourite poster to hate around, and have to make do with Catspiss07, and Bombers 03.
    Also missing Rude since he retired.

    Sig bet no worries - until the end of the H&A season. :thumbsu:
    Ahhhh ha ha, Blues are such a sobbing wreck they are having a hissy fit over your avatar. Solid bloody gold.
    Yeh, I figured if I was going to wear an anti-Hawthorn av, that was the best one.
    Hey mate, notice you've changed your handle too. Things are great now that footy's back - heading of to see your boys against the doggies? Don't mind that Heppell - worth the admission price alone.
    You actually are for turncoating to St Fiddla during the finals but as of today you don't have to have that sig anymore :p
    Thanks for your opinion, you've really changed my life. :rolleyes:

    Try not to have a cry In the future mate :thumbsu:
    I have no idea what you are talking about, and if you are talking about me sticking up for Gus you are an idiot.

    Also, who cried after being rated tier 4 by the genious that is Cake. :eek:
    Well to be fair, i started the conversation with coke_zero and he has told me, by reacting like that, you are playing right into his hands ;)
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