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  • Looking forward to watching Juddy play his last AFL game in round 23. I just hope the AFL approve the lap of honour in a Visy truck.
    Hendo back to his old tricks! Conceding 7 on Petrie is hardly ideal a fortnight out from round 1. Hooker would have at least kept Petrie to 6! It will be good when Laidler returns - very underrated.
    Just stalkin' round, looks like the mods enjoy snooping around your profile. Fight the power.
    I am not quite sure if Carlton supporters believe in the festival, Comrade K 26, but I will say it in any event: Happy Christmas to you and your family. B
    Took out 3 'Ham' alias's in the early hours of this morning. It was a blood bath, some are saying It was a mirror image of Port Auther. It was a little personal with the targets being 'Ham' alias's and all, but, I didn't let that cloud my judgement.

    Some people will reflect on this occasion with words such as........'were you there the night Shavedham took out 3 targets, ninja style'? Some are calling it Silence of the Hams.
    I'm now a Bay Assassin/Pwner. I had to shut Terror Squad down I was carrying to much deadwood. If you need someone 'fixed' up PM and we'll agree on renumeration prior to the Pwning.

    I guess you could say I'm a cyber 'gun for hire'.
    Watson and Budda out is a body blow, but so is Jamo and Waite. Despite the obvious dominance by the Bloos midfielders, I still think it will be close. Not very confident now.
    I take it after yesterday's loss, there will be no Monday celebrations with massages and aromatherapy at a hot springs resort on the Mornington Peninsula? :D:p
    Just backed the umpires pet to win Masterchef 2011. The guy makes me sick how he is favoured and protected by the AFL - umpires, MRP, Commission. The bloos will never be a threat as long as Betts, Henderson, Collins, Hampson and the downhill skier (Simpson) are playing. At least James had the balls to drop Prismall, Rats sticks with the passenger - Betts. See you in round 18.
    9/10 kids who are drafted don't end up playing in the position they played pre AFL. Kane Lucas was drafted as a midfielder, yet he played as a HBF, same as Gibbs...

    Thanks to Hawthorn, the HBF is now one of the most critical and important positions on the ground. Look at Malceksi, Drummond, Birchall, H. Shaw, Enright, McLeod... all damaging HBF. Heppell is a similar player to Drummond.
    We need someone who can break the lines and deliver, hence the drafting of Heppell. :thumbsu:
    No reason why Heppell won't be a midfielder in the long term.

    EFC will finish about the filth in 2011. ;)
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