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  • Hey guys. Just a quick note.

    Just changed my account name to knightmare. Had difficulty logging in so I decided to make a new account.

    So any draft, list management questions, Collingwood questions. Whatever come to me now.

    thanks bro. your a bulls man there going to have a pretty good team next season haha yea ron ron is crazy u never kno what he's going to do or say lol but i love his game
    Sup buddy.
    Nice catching up with you at the champs the other day.
    Yo right man. Lakers will defs win the championship after yesterdays performance!
    LeBron going to the Bulls would be the sh*t! If it actually happens wow!
    Big fan of your work on footywire.
    Keep up the good work knight.
    + Thanks for telling me about this site.
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