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  • :- I hope that you enjoyed the game on friday night. I can imagine that you, Ninty , Budda and co were going apeshit when T-Bone bagged that final goal. Wish I was there.
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    I actually told Craig and Simon half way thru the last we'd win it with a kick after the siren. It was ******* awesome.
    All the best today mate - I reckon you will s**t it in, you won't get to do a number on us - thank us actually - parallel universe s**t. Go Cats!
    hey mate quick question, i read you have the 98 cats away strip... quick question about it, does the originals come with sewn on ford logo???
    hey Diablo thanks for the friends request. One of the best posters and blokes I've met from BigFooty.

    You know more about footy than just about anyone, except me... ;)


    btw I reckong you guys and my team have a destiny next year, you ain't done yet mate.
    Thanks mate! Better late than never. We'll get xmas drinks up and running soon, I'm sure to catch you then.
    Hi Diablo ... Hopefully I will see you at the storm game ... Stuff the footy lol. Going to Frost Bites to watch the game there then heading off to Ethihad. Good luck tomorrow. Hope the Cats dont choke like last year. lol
    G/luck tomorrow Bro....Gee you know your footy...oh and make it count tomorrow cos we are com'n back next year for OUR cup......
    LOL yeah true we sadly have some bandwagon supporters who can not see the bigger picture mitchell hodge changa all have been playing injured all year does not help with injured got during the year then put in the in experieced players just makes us that much more inconsistent ! :-(
    hey i agree with what you have said in that bradbury thread i am going to try not to post in it anyway but thought i would let you know
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