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    Prediction Who will debut in 2021?

    I'm backing all to debut at some point, but none will play more than 5 games. Kemp will likely need to come back via the VFL with his new injury, and I think we will keep our powder dry with Durdin - he could play more than anticipated though. Parks is one who might surprise given we need to...
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    Discussion Intraclub and preseason match discussion

    Kent Brockman performed well today - nice FWD/MID rookie option. Apparently Dunkley spent a bit of time forward? Doesn't bode too well.
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    Preview Carlton v Essendon Practice Match this Thursday from 11.00am

    Agreed, the timing is going to put off plenty who'd like to watch due to work etc, but could be a nice way of bringing in some who are sitting on the fence about buying a membership. The Hawks are streaming their pre-pre season match against the Bulldogs and will likely get some members as a...
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    Teams 2021 SuperCoach Teams (before Preseason)

    Other players I like to varying degrees/would fit in with structural changes: Def: Lloyd, Ryan, Young, Milera, Cox, Clark, Stocker, Day, Witherden, Duggan Mid: Parker, Gaff, Walsh, McCluggage, Steele, Cerra, Simpkin, Duncan, Hately, Daicos, Merrett, LDU Ruck: O'Brien, Draper Fwd: DeGoey, Rozee...
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    Teams 2021 SuperCoach Teams (before Preseason)

    My latest effort. Far more classically structured than some of my reason efforts, but much thinner in the forwardline which looks to be pretty standard practice this year. I'm hoping Dunkley's reinstated in the midfield and Heeney finally has 105+ breakout year. Forward rookies should play...
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    Position 2021 Forwards

    You're more optimistic than me! Caldwell's career high score is currently 74. I don't doubt he'll hit a couple of good scores throughout this year, but he hasn't shown a huge capacity to generate points yet. There's a number of players rotating through that Bombers midfield too, and I'm sure...
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    Position 2021 Forwards

    The main selling point for mature agers is guaranteed 70-80 averages at rookie prices. There's every chance Caldwell and Hately just do the bare minimum and come out averaging 80 odd points. Not terrible, but not quite worth the extra 200k. I reckon you may as well upgrade to Rozee who's floor...
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    Position 2021 Forwards

    What sort of scores would you anticipate with Caldwell? Probably goes at least 80+ if he gets a good run on ball, just not sure it's enough to convince me to take him. Can't remember a year there were so many surefire MPP options.
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    Gym & Misc General Health and Fitness Thread

    I still wont touch anything other than a Freddo cake on my birthday. Could probably give up beer for a year, but I'd struggle big time trying to give up Ice Cream. I'm usually buying those 4 packs of drumsticks or Magnums instead of tubs, because at least I've got them strictly portioned, and a...
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    Who is Overhated at your club?

    I reckon Trent and his abominable wife cop their due. Got a good insight into the true character of the guy after he attempted to have a decent journo dismissed for doing his job. Also has the personality of a lamp post.
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    Position 2021 Forwards

    DPP status is probably the best aspect at this stage, but I don't even know how his JS sits. In his first few years we needed to get games into him because we were rubbish and needed to play young players by default. Now he's coming into his 4th season he wont remain in the team if continues...
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    Position 2021 Forwards

    No idea, but if there weren’t enough red flags there’s another one.
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    Position 2021 Forwards

    JDG injury is annoying. Wasn't 100% committed to the idea, but would have loved to see how he was tracking in the practice games and it sounds like he's now out of this weeks scratch match against Geelong. But then again if he's got a minor ankle injury that's likely to tip a fence sitters in...
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    Where do you get your books from?

    Still haven't taken the plunge, but Facebook Marketplace looks like a decent place to grab a decent stack of books. I find people selling books I like will usually have others that'll interest me, and I can always look up/compare/read reviews etc. Reckon I might even start putting some of my...
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    Insane decade-old bump. Haven't given their newer albums enough of a run, but from the few listens I've had they've evolved pretty tastefully. Become more melodic, but haven't regressed too far off their older noise-rock stuff.