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  • and also what would it cost me to get the 2008 2013 and 2014 hawks tigers matches off you on dvd.. im happy to pay for the hassle of copying etc so shoot me an email and let me know... thanks dyl :)
    hey mate i have a double of the hodgey figurine ur chasing... im trying to collect the set so id happily swap u for the dyson heppell and any others u may have... send me an email dyl.cuzzo27@gmail.com as i check that more then i come on here these days
    Im intrigued, because I see you have placed an ad on each forum regarding old tapes from 170s-1980s. What do you do with your collection ? Personal collection ? Or are you building a film/doco
    hey man I am going to join up, and a post a thread hopefully can get something going, either I get some on disc and pay them or some sort of swap to harddrive or even videos!
    hey dude, i read you collect Hawthorn games. I am wondering by the off chance if you know anyone who has a large amount of Essendon games AS i am very keen to start collecting. Unfortunately I only have 2009 games so far
    Thought that might have been the case. Looking forward to cracking a brewski in about an hour and watching. Will get back to you. Thanks again.
    Your Buddy DVD thread has disappeared. What's the go? My wife says something has come in the mail today which I think is it and will be watching tonight. Was going to put a good word in the thread for you after I watched it.
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