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  • G'day Justin, your right but you are going to get a lot of nuff nuffs responding..
    Didn't relaise you were involved at Abers a while back.. It's going to be a ripper year in EDFL premier and even div1.
    Part 2- I tried to help him by offering him a role at Pascoe Vale as a captain/assistant coach of the twos but his reluctant to play premier reserves. I've put him in touch with another team in a lower division. His been honest with me on his age, fitness, level of footy etc.

    Can you give me some help?
    Part 1- G'day Justin, been having some conversation with Brad McNamara. I see he played under you at Lavo in 2012. How does he go? What position? Is he assistant coaching material?
    Thought that might be the case as I haven't seen Dallas for ages/years but understand. Gave me the sh##s a few times and that's probably why his coaching never progressed. He was an average footballer even in his prime. Never played many games in the top division with either Seddon or Spotty back in the day..
    Cheers mate..
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    Truth be known he rang me after a game in my first season when the club have him the sack at seasons end and replaced him with me and I made some comments on the WRFL radio show how I was setting some structure to the place and enforcing some discipline, etc that hadn't been there before, he took unbrance and called me and let his feelings be known in no uncertain terms and I just hung up on him...
    He tried to go back to coach after I left to prove something to me and those that had sacked him and ultimately struggled then quit in March one season later on the Eve of the season starting ... Crap bloke all about himself
    Mate, sounds good and just need a number to get onto him? Do you have it or otherwise I will try Jacob for his number?

    P.S. Scott has only trained 1-2 times in the past 3-4 weeks for various reasons (mainly working overtime - or so he has told me) and not sure if there is more to it but hope all is ok with him? i have tried to email and talk to him about it and although he assured me he'd be at training 2 x a week from this week, I didn't hear from him at all this week?

    cheers mate!

    Justin, Craig here. A guy called Bryce Nystromn wants to come for a run. He is about 6"8 and played ruck in an Altona under 18 premiership 3 years ago. He knows Scott and Jocob Spiteri, you may want to move fast as clearences are about to close. Will be rusty but tallest ruckman in Div 2. Good hands also.
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