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  • by the rules he should have been suspended, but i disagree with the rule.
    furthermore the extent to which hawthorn bitches are whining is ridiculous.
    i'm fairly sure there have been other incidents like this during the year (i heard someone mention zac dawson also getting rubbed out for somehting similar, though i never saw the footage of it) that have gone unnoticed because they haven't been as high profile as "buddy love".

    so yeah he should defs have been suspended, but the rule needs to be adjusted, but it's just tough sh*t he's falling victim to it before any changes happen.

    Also: unsociable football.
    haha gags!
    love it when u rise from the dead to support the team, top shelf!

    in response to the doghouse scenario:
    just off the top of my head another SHOCKING decision he made was in the latest series against the indian minxes, after a session where aus dominated he brought on none other than m. hussey to bowl; momentum TOTALLY swung around and india won the test

    why put mr cricket on u might ask? slow over rates and he wasn't prepared to cop fines/suspension for the greater good of the team

    im not denying he isnt a good player, hes a superstar
    but he's a nothing captain
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