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    Play Nice 2020 Non AFL Admin, Crowds, Ratings, Participation etc thread

    Just popping in to say I got a good laugh out of Roy Masters article where he argued that was a better asset for the NRL than Docklands was to the AFL.
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    Mega Thread >>COVID-19 DISCUSSION THREAD<<

    I mean, everyone is going nuts at ScoMo for not just doing immediate lockdown but he very clearly alluded to that last night as to why they're continuing to still take iterative steps rather than just shutting the whole country down indefinitely. You don't want the cure to be worse than the...
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    Prediction Do you believe the AFL will ever be the same again?

    So you want the AFL to sell an ad-supported subscription service subsidised by a significant increase in membership fees? That's a bold strategy Cotton.
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    Prediction Do you believe the AFL will ever be the same again?

    I'm all for a fairer fixture, but I think you're being a bit naive if you think it's the only thing stopping the smaller Melbourne clubs from being fully financially independent (well, as much as any club is since everyone gets money from the AFL). There's nothing 'huge' or 'massive' in a...
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    Prediction Do you believe the AFL will ever be the same again?

    So the TV rights deal is valued at $418 million a year. What do you think is a reasonable price for an on-demand service? At $200 a year you'd need 2 million subscriptions to match that revenue. Kayo was able to get 400k subscribers after a year at $25/month (so $300 a year) but that includes...
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    Autopsy Richmond v Carlton, AFL Rd 1 2020 - Thursday 19 March 2020 - 7:25 PM (AEST) - Teams announced

    Is it too soon too make jokes about Carlton being worse than corona virus?
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    No Oppo Supporters 2020 General AFL Discussion

    So really the season opener isn't all that different to other season openers.
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    Preview Round 1 2020 Vs Crows

    I'm back for another season. Have barely paid attention to the offseason except noticing our very ordinary preseason form. So basically have zero expectations. Which I think is a good thing because I don't think we're doing much this year. Still expecting the midfield to get smashed. Won't...
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    What would it take for you to stop watching AFL?

    I watch a lot less non-Swans games than ever before so I'm not that far away. If the Swans were exposed in some sort of systemic cheating scandal or something it would probably make it pretty difficult to continue to support them, so if that happens I'd probably give up following the league on a...
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    No Oppo Supporters 2019 General AFL Discussion

    I don't see how addiction is not a self inflicted problem? You can't get addicted to something unless you start partaking in something. I will never become a meth addict because I will never take meth. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that once addicted, it's just a matter of personal...
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    No Oppo Supporters 2019 General AFL Discussion

    Without trying to downplay it at all, I do think mental health has become a convenient catch all in sporting circles to explain away what were previously seen as self-inflicted maladies (gambling addiction, drug addiction, even violence, etc). It's tricky, because addiction is obviously a mental...
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    Radio coverage. We now have 3 broadcasters. Opinions?

    Granted I've only turned it on a few times this summer but every time I hear the ABC during the lunch break they're talking about women's cricket. Is that a common thing? I've got nothing against the women's game (other than a complete lack of interest), but some analysis and insight on the...
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    News AFL to introduce flexible scheduling for 2020 season

    Is there any stats on how many people actually travel interstate for games? I can't imagine it's a large number.
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    News AFL to introduce flexible scheduling for 2020 season

    If you look at the fixture from last season, here were the Friday and Saturday night games in rounds 20, 21 and 22 and the ladder positions at the time. Round 20: North VS Hawthorn (14th vs 11th) Melbourne VS Richmond (17th vs 4th) Round 21: GWS VS Hawthorn (5th vs 12th) Geelong VS North...
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    AFL bragging about Chinese TV ratings

    On their continued mission to prove they are the dumbest sporting administration on the planet, the AFL have decided that hot of the heels of a major scandal reported in world wide news about the Chinese government trying to use their financial muscle to squash free speech in a major sporting...

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