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Dec 3, 2016 at 2:18 PM
Feb 25, 2007
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Regional Victoria

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Brisbane 1988-2015 Geelong 2016-, Male, from Regional Victoria

lionbear was last seen:
Dec 3, 2016 at 2:18 PM
    1. Betty Noir
      Betty Noir
      PM me the bank details while I'm feeling philanthropic guvner.
    2. sisterka
      Hi, is this where i leave my address?
    3. The Golfing Lion
      The Golfing Lion
      HI Lionbear. I have the preview to upload and have a video. I am old and don't know how. If I send it to you can you have a look and give me a hand?
    4. ____
      Your sig is technically incorrect, we have 18 normal season games left in the paddlepop because we will be wearing the Bears jumper against the Dons.
      1. lionbear
        Yes , but it still excists as a jumper during that game even though we are not wearing it;)
        Apr 8, 2014
    5. Kong
      Strongly disagree with your use title :p
    6. ErrolSt_Boy
      Hey mate, You got msn? Great avatar you got.
    7. Kochie 16
      Kochie 16
      I got it a few weeks ago, IMO it's their best album since Razor's edge.
    8. Kochie 16
      Kochie 16
      Oi Lionbear, have you bought the new AC/DC album?
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    Regional Victoria
    AFL Club:
    NRL Team:
    A-League Team:
    Melbourne Victory
    Super 15 Team:
    Cricket: Sheffield Shield:
    NBL Team:
    Melbourne Tigers
    Other Teams:
    Cleveland Indians


    Brisbane Bears Member 1996, Brisbane Lions Member 1997-2008, Geelong Cats Member 2016-
    "If I lived in Brisbane I would be a Lion for Life, but I want to attend AFL games more regularly and my club, that I love and have followed for 28 seasons cannot provide that"

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