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    List Mgmt. Who is playing for their careers? 2019 edition.

    I think its easy next year. Delistee : Walker, Christensen, Lester, Robinson, Bastinak and Hodge.
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    2018 Trade and FA thread (opposition supporters post in Trade Hypotheticals thread)

    Fagan and Neale were having dinner in the same restaurant tonight. Its a done deal.
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    Preview Round 16 2018- Brisbane Lions vs Carlton

    On what basis, that he was a top 5 pick? I think his very average.
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    Preview Round 16 2018- Brisbane Lions vs Carlton

    Wouldnt call Marchback and Thomas big ins, they are big ins if it was NEAFL and Kruser is done.
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    Review Round 8, 2018 - Western Bulldogs vs. Brisbane Lions

    Well, when we are 0-22, the AFL will have to reward a priority pick. I thought the dogs were very average tonight, so I cant see the Lions winning a game
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    Review Round 5, 2018 - Brisbane Lions vs. Gold Coast

    Can someone please advise when we can do these 3 very basic things; 1. Kick the ball and hit a target. 2. When 30 metres out directly in front of goal, kick the goal. 3. Have some, even a little composure. I am sick of watching the same old stuff. We dont need to work on clearances, we need...
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    2018 Trade and FA thread (opposition supporters post in Trade Hypotheticals thread)

    No, develop through draft. I am tired of seeing rejects come. Charlie Cameron is the only one of any value. Hodge is only short term. We have plenty of depth and average midfielders, we need talent not rejects.
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    Prediction 2018 Crystal Ball

    Premiers - Melbourne Runner-up - Sydney Set to Fall - St Kilda Set to Rise - Melbourne Wooden Spoon - North Melbourne Brownlow - Patrick Dangerfield Coleman Medal - Buddy Franklin Rising Star - Alex Witherden First Coach sacked - Alan Richardson Number of Lions Wins - 9 Will Alex Witherden sign...
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    Who is Playing for their Career in 2018?

    With a strong drat in 2018, Lions will need to make at least 5 list spots, ideally 6 depending on player movement. Therefore the following would be in trouble. Lester, Bewick, Paparone, Dawson, Bell. Then potentially one of Christensen, Robinson, Walker. They could try buy out Frost...
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    Outlook Rocky: he likes an expensive Tawny

    Lions will trade 18 to GWS for 23 and 25, and use 23 for Cameron and 25 for Ballendon. Easy done. Adelaide may play hard ball but that will be the result. Lions still will have 1, 12 and 19.
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    2017 Trade Hypotheticals (opposition supporters post here)

    Lions should trade 18 to GWS for 23 &25, use 23 for Cameron and leave 25 for Ballendon. Therefore, get both for 18.
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    2017 Draft thread

    Need draft picks for Payne and Clayton also, probably need a few more pick 30-50s to get them all.
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    News The good bloke cometh - Luke Hodge to Brisbane

    Yes will be great to start 1-0 next year against the Hawks
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