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  • Liverpool, haven't seen you around for a while in footy jumpers? Will you venture back, is BOTC still existent? Cheers.
    Nah man, noway, he is a once in a life time player, people reckon he is 1 of the reasons our membership has dropped heaps this season. I'm not 100% sure it might have been like that xmas bbq the club does every year, or it mite have been b4 a game.. I have a bad as memory 2, like I can remember faces but so bad with names, etc. Do you know Stacey?
    Hey there, cheers for the blog comment. I tried to stay happy and smiley at last week's game, but it was really sad. No one will replace him, ever! You rekon we've talked at Punt Rd before? Do you remember when and what? I have the worst memory when at/near footy, I get too excited and it's all a blur lol.
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