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  • You're armed and dangerous now. Check out the new board and the mod wiki. I also wrote some notes for Donners at the end of the SRP thread on the board room. That's all you need to know. Good luck!
    Kildonan just told me you didn;t get your platinum membership from last year. I've just applied it from today, running for a year. I'll add your St Kilda board sponsorship membership to run when this one ends. (So you'll get 2 years).
    L2M4G My main man. Could you send me an account into which I can deposit the $25 for that last share. Prefer to do it at the bank personally.
    Getting lots of sympathy for the Saints at the moment. I hate it. I want them to be pissed off with us.
    Just wondering whether you got my PM about sponsorship payment, paid today via bank deposit
    reference number - 374
    Just made payment via direct deposit for 2 dhares. Thanks for organizing this.
    Reference on the payment is 365 Mister Magic
    Greetings for the new year brother. How short are you from a premium package? Is it worth trying to drum up the extra by posting the shortage? I am easy either way regarding my shares if someone needs them. Give everyone a week or so to get themselves sorted out as I am off on the 10/2 for the bike trip with a few mates and would like to have sent my money in before I go. Your doing a great job, no need to apologize. Your unknown friend Karmafree.
    House was bouncing when we were 5 up with about 4 mins left....we thought we had it in the bag. Unfortunately I rekn that was out chance, and we didnt take it. God I hope they prove me wrong.
    Back to Prince next week if they get up :D
    I was at the game, I saw everyone stand and clap rocca as a show of respect, consensus was this was his last game when he went down injured..

    as opposed to the ***** face behind me who spilt beer on my neck as he yelled his delight when prestie ass raped the saints captain.

    And to the two pies fans who thought they would jump me outside the G and wanted to have a scrap...enjoy the broken noses, broken rips, fractured skulls...you obviously did not see my boys behind me when you tried to jump me, enjoy the hospital stay you weak ****s.
    you *****ed with the wrong G outside the G....hope the ambulance trip was a long one..
    saints beat win and two pies fans in hospital....great day all around.

    Best post ever.
    Since, I am suppose to look to you for guidance. I am after some advice.

    I am looking to get a Behemoth-Themed tattoo, should I go with the front cover of their latest album or go with several portraits of Nergal, Orion and Infernal?
    Im alive brother. Just busy at work now and don't have much time to post like i used to anymore. Hope your well.
    Definitely will be there brosef. Carltalian, and wogblue were amongst them. As for the Richmond board... more pissweak than the mob they put on the park every week. I'm tipping the saints by 22.
    the richmond board and its moderators struck me down brother.. and then I got caught with an alias.. extending my holiday quite a bit.. big game this weekend brosef.
    I'm up and abouts mate, just picking my targets, like sooky Hawks ;) Sainters are on target for top 2... champagne footy
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