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  • Hahaha thanks mate, I think it was Power who kicked that one at me :p Tried finding you on facebook with no such like, there is a whole bunch of people with your name lol, most from the UK and the US. Try adding me "Adam Reading"

    Cheers :)
    Hi Adam, yes mate it was good to catch up with you yesterday. As you say, It was a better day for us.

    I thought that you showed extreme courage in the line of fire, when that ball hit you on the scone! At least you took your photo!!!

    Mate you can add me as a friend on Facebook. My name is Gary Ritchie.

    Cheers mate.
    Hey mate

    Good to meet you at the footy today, so glad the team pulled together and played their hearts out, showing some passion, something that has been lacking lately. Do you have msn or facebook for further chats?

    Have a good one mate!

    P.S could not pm you because your inbox is full

    GO LIONS :thumbsu::thumbsu::thumbsu:
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