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  • The name change is a bit gay should of went with CaitlynShadboltno1 how you been keeping mate?
    Not raging but hardly a surprise. I saw it coming and that is the worst part. This game proved a few things...

    1. We miss TPN like nothing before!
    2. Horne is un-replaceable
    3. Turner is a useless nuffy
    4. Hickey blows.

    Writing was on the wall against the Crusaders, we should have won that game. But no, we tried to defend a lead and paid for it!
    Hard to gauge too much from the Rebels game, they are dead set woeful. That said if the Reds drop as much ball as they did against the Force, they won't beat the Tahs. Robinison needs to start for QLD.
    Maybe, not on last night's form especially if someone decides to start Beau Robinson on the bench again! Gosh that was stupid!
    Pretty much, Richie was pretty good, but I had four players ahead of him in 2010. If Miliena won it I would be LESS annoyed.
    Completely agree. Pocock was way more damaging at the break down and in open play than McCaw. McCaw is rated on past performances and not recent performances.
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