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  • Hey MAcca - i love hearing your viewpoints on the podcasts - i live in Vancouver BC and will be home for xmas/NY and wanted to visit your fish & chip shop - where is it? Cheers
    G'day Macca. Thanks again for the work you do on the podcasts.
    Is there any chance you could do a review podcast on our off field team . I’d love to hear your thoughts on how the following have performed:
    List Manager, Football Operations Manager, Head of Recruiting and CEO.
    Hi Macca,

    Is it possible to put the player reviews at the beginning of the review post instead of a few pages in. I don't get to see many games but I love reading the reviews you put up.

    It just saves me trolling through pages to find your review

    Hi mate, I'm keen to sponsor again this year, is there anyway to call offline (ie I don't post my mobile) so we can discuss this year sponsor. Keen to line up a Christmas gift (happy to pay more) for me dad. Not sure if there is a secure way to swap details.
    Hey mate, i'll send you a pm
    Hi sorry to ask you when I don't know you, but I thought I'd ask around. I was wondering if you have a Port Adelaide 2009 clash jumper you might sell to me? I am collecting crows and port Guernseys. I'm size XXL
    Cheers, Josh
    Macca, what's the best way for me to get 4 tickets under cover for Port v Carlton? On which Board do I post? Coming from Townsville, so don't want to risk weather.
    Ticketek website saying all undercover seating - row P and back are unavailable. And as an interstate member my Port membership doesn't stretch to away game tickets.
    We normally buy tickets at the ground and then sit where we like. Theres probably going to be about 15k people at the ground so there will be plenty of undercover seats available I would have thought. Otherwise, maybe just give ticketek a call and ask their advice.
    Cheers Maccca
    i know your just in the early days of spit-balling ideas but let me know what happens re the framing thing, if tsw is serious framing costs that much ask around about it but keep in mind through my work i can get the glass free of charge if that helps. im not even sure if that contributes alot to the cost of framing or not but if it does its pretty simple for me to organize i reckon. cheers.
    Hi Macca.

    My name is David Banner and I manage the Prince for the PAFC.
    What I propose to you guys is the offer of a few meal vouchers each week and to use at your discretion. (Maybe for post of the week? Crowd prediction? etc etc)
    I don't wish to Spam your board so I will leave you guys to make a decision on the most appropriate way to action this if you wish to take up my offer.
    Tommorrow we are launching an event in the Legends Bar called 'The Clubhouse'. This is a gameday feature for all Power away games featuring beer specials, 4 tickets for next home game & an Inner Sanctum training session. If any of you are keen or know of any posters who like to watch the game with fellow fans...
    Anyway, thanks for your time and if you do call in to the Prince make sure you ask for me so I can introduce myself. Also, don't hesitate to email me if you want any news on the Hotel, renovations etc
    Thanks David
    Had a read of the preview write up on the North v Port game on your board.......very good :thumbsu:
    Hey Macca great preview. If you want to post it in our preview thread on the Collingwood Board feel free. Cheers, Quicky.
    "I know exactly what he's talking about. I sprout mung beans on a damp paper towel in my desk drawer. Very nutritious, but they smell like death."

    Funniest character ever.
    Hey Macca would I be able to get a copy of the 1990 SANFL Port Magpies Grand Final video off you???
    My email is
    I can do a trade for other games if interested.
    Thanks mate
    Hey Macca, I've sent a friend request on wgt. i'm under a different username on there (Moch).
    Hey Macca19,

    Great win by your team. You guys are in the 8 now. :thumbsu: If any of the guys on the hawks board have been giving you guys s**t, deal with them. You guys were better than us.
    macca i saw you used to post a bit in the union forum, any chance you could make a return?
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