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    MVP Tommy Boyd - The Boy, The Man, The Premiership Hero

    About time we had a bit of a character on the list. It’s like the good old days!! Yay.
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    Training 2019 preseason

    **** Hird and Sheedy and Watson and all the rest of those self entitled campaigners.
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    Injury 2019 Injuries

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    Training 2019 preseason

    Michael Gardiner and Paul Salmon we’re both fairly gentle at the ball initially but developed into fairly robust players. Schache is a tall boy.
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    Opinion 2019 lineup

    If Trengove is playing defence then we are in big trouble.
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    Prediction Who will be the best Bailey?

    Word is they have already commissioned the statue.
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    Training 2019 preseason

    Steffi thinking how lucky she is.
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    Top 50 Bulldogs - 1985 - 2018

    Gilbee and Cameron would be absolute weapons in today’s game.
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    Bulldogs 2019

    Happy new year guys. We are all part of a special breed and even allowing for the shit we all talk on here, differences aside. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Up the dogs and hope you all have a great 2019.
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    Bulldogs 2019

    Just do it now and save everyone some time. You know it’s the right thing to do.
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    2019 Wishlist

    Another flag.
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