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  • Nice clean up of the cuzzy thread. Sorry for getting involved in that bs and thanks for not carding me mate!
    You're right mate. I saw you quickly realise you were being trolled and delete your own comment. I dealt with the instigator harshly.
    Another Richmond thread on the main board? Come on man, the main board is getting trashed lately. This is ridiculous.
    Um.. I said Ducking, as in duck, which Greene 'ducked'. Not the other you thought I said.. apologize if you thought I mean the F word.
    Your comment "The point of these attacks [is]... to divide us and make us turn against them" implies that, if forced to take sides, rank-and-file Muslims will side with Islamists (and I suspect you're correct). Do you not see the problem here?

    PS I DID say let's not go over this again - same as you!
    Blocked from the terrorism thread? So I will reply here

    Quote: "I said above re intelligent debate and avoiding sweeping generalisations about Muslims was for shits and giggles. "

    At no stage did I mention Muslims. I mentioned the Islamic ideology. Big difference between the people and the belief system.

    Hey Mal,

    I saw your thread on the horrific attack in Woolwich, dreadful thing to witness (been there) hope your doing ok.


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    Thanks mate. It was bad juju that's for sure.

    Riots last year down Woolwich way, now this!

    Had all the community leaders, Mayor and PM down the Town hall across the street yesterday. Pretty calm down this way, but still a sense of shock.

    Poor young boke.
    you said stuff
    They didn't administer anything. I don't know much about the technique but it is basically the same as the treatment for OP. I've been asked to keep this quiet though. A disgruntled ex player is making it out to sound worse.
    Still in the UK brother - lawyering at a housing rights charity. Planning a trip to either a) Mongolia or b) Africa. Either way it'll be overland. Contemplating joining the TA over here for the lols as well.
    Hey "Chuck", hope you're doing well... still over in the UK I presume?

    Couple of the boys asked about you at ANZAC this year....
    Really appreciate your comments on the prayer room thread, gives me hope that there is folk out there like you prepared to make a stand against the ignorant rednecks :)
    Ha, I didn't even realize it was that many :D

    How long until you're taking off around the world mate?
    Hey mate I just made a comment on the natural resources thread regarding human population, something you should probably read before going into more depth about all the rest of the stuff. Otherwise some interesting posts learnt heaps :p
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