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  • Yeah if you bothered to check I only post during the week and had a busy morning at work. I have a life. Did Kyle try and beat up Dale Thomas again?
    MANtis why do you bother to come and post on my profile, go away and leave me alone. I don't like you and don't wish to converse with you at all
    In response to Reimers getting rising star nomination. Good luck to him, even winning the thing doesn't give you the keys to the city (Daniel Pearce).

    I never questioned his potential talent. I still don't think he has earned the right to wear orange boots and I don't believe he'll be a superstar of the AFL but you can have him as a cult figure down at Windy Hill.

    If you've seen the new Batman movie you'll understand that what I'm trying to say is basically summed up by this:

    Good stuff. Will be up in the media area, you never know who might call !!! Enjoy the win.
    lol, I did suggest someone double their life insurance -- just in case.

    You going Saturday night?
    Those damn right wing, bigotted, homophobic, religious freaks on the SR&P board, are always getting me carded.
    "My thats a nice YELLOW polka dot dress your wearing" I quickly duck and run for the door...bye
    Happy birthday for yesterday

    How you must love sharing your birthday with US Independence Day:)
    Happy Birthday Mantis :thumbsu:

    Going out to celebrate or is the re signing of Lucas a sufficient gift for this year?

    Cheers and have a good one
    Don't listen to those dick heads pointing the finger at me in that thread of yours telling everyone about the gross behaviour of that pissed hawks fan. I don't drink. And I wasn't at the game
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