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  • But when i stated this on BigFooty - clearly that was a big no no- go figure, some people are nice and great and other people regardless of colours they wear are assholes
    like wtf i had a texta and an additional jumper that i wanted mick to sign- was sober as i wanted to cherish my graceland moment , mick looked me up and down very briefly and kept walking. I dont get that, im a die hard and he is just a professional coach and he doesnt get supporters.
    Robbo was amazing after the carv coll round 7 game, buckley was very nice, other player were just turds but after loss and feeling tired i understand that. What i dont understand is i was wearing my blues top and saw mick started walking up to him with a texta and a million dollar smile and was snapped at by security to get back?
    The event went from 6:30 - 9:30, 3 hours of putting on a smile and being happy to be around those that adore you is really not that much to ask.
    thats really sad to hear, and i 100 percent agree. Its not too much to ask if yes the fan think ur everything and stuff. This is why, when i was lucky enough to be in the rooms (well that area before the actual rooms, waited around,
    Not the first time Simmo has been in this mood, nor the 5th. He is a constant at giving the supporters nothing. Im not one for photo's with the players, but watching his reaction to a request says a lot to me, and he is by far the worst in our group. Personally I don't have a huge issue with it, but you are at a club function, people have paid good money to be there, give them something to show your appreciation.
    u click on the persons name and over on the right is the befriend this member or some such.
    hope that helps u.
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