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  • Sorry...I don't speak fluent douche...

    i thought you could do better than that, i'm disappointed :(

    I'm not that lucky :p

    My dog isn't that smart.

    And i can guarantee if I leave a weeks worth of food out there he'll eat i the minute I put it out :p
    Hahahaha mate, I'm having enough trouble hitting the keys atm :p

    Yeah, I should've gone across, but the family pissed off and the dog dies if I don't stay home and look after it. :p
    Look mate, I've had a lot to drink tonight and I've got a really bad feeling that before I started a thread directed at one of my mates as if it were a visitors message on the main AFL board.

    So if I'm making no sense... just run with it. Oh. and agree that Lockyer should've been named in the Grand Final side ahead of Davis, because failing to do that leads to a pretty big can of ass-whoop that I'm handing out quite impartially at the moment,
    Why are you publishign the advertisement for Tassie’s East Coast?

    I must say it has absolutely the best weather in Australia, ranging from a plenty-warm 22˚C in summer to a liveable 12˚C in winter, but it is still odd to see it listed on your posts? Do you really want to promote the region’s gorgeous climate yourself?
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