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  • thanks mate. Successful team? Im starting to get into NHL (really starting, hardly know the teams) May go for La Kings :)D) but i was considering NY rangers. Who do you reckon?
    Hey im told the girls in my avatar is an nhl hockey Ice crew girl. Which team is she from? Do you recognise the colors?
    Hi Mate,

    All is good with me mate & can't wait for this week, until the bounce that is. Will be there win, lose or draw (ok lose) but you never know.

    Hope we see you back in bold soon, the MFC board seems to be better then ever at the moment. Except the form of the team that is but the future looks bright.


    Hey Marns,

    Just noticed your not listed as a mod anymore on the MFC forum, hope all is well mate.


    HI Marns. Chief has asked me if I would like to pen the occasional match day preview and I replied in the affirmative. If this is OK with you, do I send you my waffle and by a certain day of the week? Best wishes, B
    How are you going after watching that awesome game of footy from your demons playing against my hawks? Pity that you guys didn't get the win. You guys played good footy.
    hey marns, im a newby to bigfooty (demon guru), check it everyday but would like to add a thread about todays training (pointless adding comment when i have nothing to say :). Went down and wanted to share my thoughts but dont have access to post it. Any way this can be changed. Or im happy to send to you and you can post if you like. let me know then i can add wherever you want me too. Cheers.
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