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    Player Watch #42: Adam Saad

    Agree. Doesn't get the recognition he deserves from the media. Will be close to winning our best and fairest this year. A great pick up and the best small defender we have had in a long long time.
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    List Mgmt. Assistant Coaches - Blake Caracella coming home in 2020 - 5/8

    A challenge maybe? A really big challenge!
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    Hot Topic Adrian Dodoro

    I feel like he has always focused on drafting players in areas that are easier to gap fill. How many mid sized defenders do we need? Our midfield has always lacked inside bulls. Jobe is the only good inside mid that we have had on our list since our glory days? I assume laverde langford begley...
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    Toast Rnd 18: 21 point win against Adelaide!

    The radio isn't much better. Heard them say the same thing on sen this afternoon. Maybe they should have a look at the vfl ladder..and maybe even watch some of our games :)
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    Player Watch #29: Patrick Ambrose - Played as a tagger, tagged Fyfe - 17/8

    He did a great job on brown last time we played the roos. Will be a big loss for this game.
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    Player Watch #42: Adam Saad

    He doesn't get much recognition outside of the efc. He has to be one of the best small defenders in the comp. Who is he competing with for that AA spot?
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    Player Watch #44: Shaun McKernan

    You got that one right. BOG.
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    Player Watch #15: Jayden Laverde

    Yeh thought he had a good game especially considering he didn't get much help from our midfield. He took some nice contested marks and converted the goals that he haven't been doing.
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    Player Watch #37: Dylan Clarke - Omitted against Freo, travelling emergency - 17/8

    Dumbest thing I have ever heard....and if you tank you don't do it against your biggest rival. If that was the case then Carlton has been tanking for 15+ years then :p
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    Preview Round 9: Essendon vs Fremantle, Docklands, Saturday 18/05/19, 7:20 PM

    Who will be our best option to line up on fyfe? I assume we won't tag and will just go head to head us usual. Heppell will probably play on him and get pants. We really let thevoppossions best players get off the leash.
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    Player Watch #23: David Myers

    Whenever he gets the ball and has an opportunity to kick it...i would love him to bomb it 60+ metres into our forward line at the SCG!
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    Player Watch #35: Matt Guelfi - Sustains season ending knee injury at training - 5/8

    I was thinking the same at the game yesterday!
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    MVP Round 6 - Essendon vs Collingwood

    5. Saad 4. Daniher 3. Stringer 2. Ambrose 1. Redman
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    Player Watch #10: Aaron Francis

    When your winning its very hard to make many changes to a team. Ambrose has done his job on the number one forward each week. He has the endurance to go with them all. Unless injuries occur the only option would be to move a few magnets around to slot him in. Ridley and Redman could spend more...
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    Player Watch #26: Cale Hooker - withdrawn due to a groin injury - 17/8

    Probably our most important player. Just feel less pressure when you see him mark it in defense.
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