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  • Your a nazi, some dictatorship you've got on the Carlton board, get ridiculed by your flogs for saying the truth and get a card for my avatar when Gibbs clearly IS a squibb :eek:
    Personally attacking posters and publicly ridiculing them because you don't agree with their opinion on football? Class act mate.
    How the hell did you get to be moderator on the Cartlon board? Your an embarrassement to the Cartlon Football Club with your weak as piss attitude and only serve to further tarnish our once great name. Nob jockey
    Hey MSR

    started a thread regarding supercoach interest for the carlton BF leagues.

    hope this was okay, as I did not want to step on any toes. sent a mess to ODN suggesting he kill the thread and open a mod thread if there was a problem. have not heard from him though, so thought I would check with you.

    just kill the thread and open a mod thread if there are any issues.
    Hey mediumsizered,
    seeing your from the Gold Coast i think it would be suitable if i asked you.
    Well im planning to take the Misses for a nice relaxing time at QLD Jan/Feb next year, would you know when the best time to visit Gold Coast is ? Im trying to avoid the busy times... cheers bud x
    Afternoon Mediumsizered, I started a thread yesterday only to find that it was a duplicate of another thread. The General provided a link to a search tool and If i click on the link he supplied it takes me to the other thread. But I can not find it anywhere when I try to find it myself. Can you please help me so I dont stuff up again and make myself look like a tosser.
    Hi mediumsizered,
    I'm just wondering why you shut down the thread I started and wonder if you actually read it and had a look at the link.
    It was not in any way having a go at anyone over here but more at our Mods for allowing that sort of crap to go on in our board all the time.
    As I said in the post, we are the easiest target for posters from any other board because we allow crap like that to get through.
    If I had posted that in here answer me honestly
    1 Would I have been red carded and
    2 Would the post have been closed down.
    I'll be interested to see your response
    Cheers Chris (Tiger67)
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