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  • haha well I'll admit, obviously I have drifted away from AFLU, not reflective of you guys, more my dwindling interest in the game outside of Richmond & the Bulldogs.

    Good to see you around though, have never met anyone else as close to as stuborn as I am :) lol

    With the effective collapse of AFL Unlimited, the plodding nature of HawkHQ of late, and the Bay13-lite drivelfest that is the main BF board; I've been devoting most of my attention to the League Unlimited site and the RL forum in BF.

    I'm swimming in a small pond now... Put a couple of sharks (even gummy ones) in a small pond and inevitably they're gonna butt heads =)
    I see that you had quite an exchange with bombersno1 with regards to the direction union is heading. I had a similarly frustrating discussion over George Smith, who bombersno1 claimed is is past it, while I maintain he is still one of our best players. It is like butting your head against a brick wall. Bombersno1 is often ridiculed on the Bombers board for talking s**t, although he/she does sometimes make some good points. By the way, if the union board needs a mod (due to the increased traffic caused by the new Melbourne team and if AuckMel is thus overcome with mod duties) then I think that you would do a great job. Cheers, PP
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