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  • my phone s**t itself and stopped working when i traded up upgrade to the new software.
    hey just lettin you know that my phone's kinda dead atm so I won't get any texts if you send them to me.
    As soon as I saw I had a notification I knew it was ****in you.

    hahaha I'll admit I laughed a bit. Shame Facebook doesn't truly show how many notifications you have.
    haha i know. i got that big footy member thing for free. not as good as i thought it would be.
    Hey dude,

    Yep, I'm the same DamoESP from the deth forums :) Whats ur name on there? And yep, got my tickets for oct, can't wait :D
    Judd pfft lol he will play but we wont be seeing him as he is tagged out of the game. Then Cotchy Cuz lids and co will get on top and yeah :) eat em alive lol
    Oh were from tigerland lol you know the rest :p will be hearing it all week in round 1 hahaha
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