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  • Hey dude, your pick in the player sponsor draft so not sure if you are still around?
    I know what you mean, but he was good IMO yesterday. Hes much improved from previous seasons, i think many take previous seasons performances into account as soon as he plays badly.

    His possessions arent like racking up in the back pocket and ineffecive kicks. Hes getting the ball in good positions like on the wing/HFF and kicking to a leading target, if the ball isnt marked then im pretty sure its not counted as an effective kick. If theres nothing on he cuts it back to the middle, which he should do.

    In the wet as well it would be extremely difficult to have a high disposal efficiency rate. Thats how i've been seeing it anyway.
    As Brett Jones official sponsor for the 09 season I order you to cease and desist using that signature otherwise you will be hearing from my lawyer :mad:

    Hi Mighty Eagles,
    did you manage to arrange your ticket for saturday's game. Could you please contact me via my husband's mobile 0417411303 for more details on arrangements for the game. I like to have things finalised before I arrive up there. We are poling the banner at 5pm on friday if you'd like to help. Look forward to hearing from you and also knowing your name for my list rather then mighty eagles.
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