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    General Bombers Talk Non-Essendon Football Thread XIV

    Yep, it's going to hurt. Looks to be in a good place though. Could be the difference for the Lions tilt at a flag if he stays fit. Still gutted he is not with us but he might silence the doubters & those who hated him cos Essendon. I always like to see ex Bombers doing well even if it does sting.
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    Training 2021 Preseason Training - Intra-club training report and highlights video in post #266

    Agree, then they will bring in another rule to counteract the new one! We are quickly becoming the most over officiated game in the world. and too many open to interpretation.
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    Player Watch #23: Harrison Jones

    fair enough, lets split it down the middle then, 7.5kg....he needs some meat on him! :winkv1:
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    The Sensible Rule Changes Required

    Also, NRL players rarely whinge at the decisions, so much more respect as there is less interpretation to worry about. I like the 16 a side. Do that and get rid of ruck nomination and just throw the ball up straight away. No need to wait for every player to arrive at the ball up. As long as...
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    The Sensible Rule Changes Required

    After watching a fair bit of NRL it is clear to me the AFL is over umpired, esp regarding body contact. So many soft frees payed.
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    Player Watch #23: Harrison Jones

    just needs another 15 kg!
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    Player Watch #25: Jake Stringer - achilles injury, building up loads next week, spotted in a moonboot - 9/2

    Short bursts in the midfield are a given and rightly so. He may even get more minutes if fitter. The Collingwood game showed how much of a weapon he can be. Certainly forward for the majority of time but no way a permanent forward.
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    Player Watch # 7: Zachary Merrett (VC)

    If the players buy in to the coach AND there is improvement he is just as likely to stay IMO. If we repeat 2020, would be unlikely to stay, and who could blame him.
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    Opinion Who is playing for their career in 2021?

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    Coach Assistant Coaches - James Kelly resigns - 9/2

    Woosha was as hard as nails when he played. Go watch some highlights.
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    Coach Assistant Coaches - James Kelly resigns - 9/2

    Obviously not too bitter he didn't get a farewell game. Media beat up.
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    List Mgmt. Adrian Dodoro

    Liking the long term approach from the club in terms of recruiting. It is about time we built the list properly. Getting the talls in early is a smart move IMO, esp with Hooker, Hurley & Ambrose getting a bit long in the tooth. It is the right timeframe as they will take 2-3 years to develop...
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    Coach Ben Rutten: Senior Coach

    I just hoe we still have flair and don't become too boring to watch.
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    List Mgmt. Draft Watch 2020

    Yeah, BZT could be in trouble at year's end