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  • Hey there, i see your from Whyalla, which schools did you go to ? If you dont mind me asking.
    Haha how's the end of financial year thingo going?? Sucked at work the last week with idiots trying to rush through transactions before June 30. You reckon they might think about it a bit sooner than June 29 hey??
    This is what Alberton Magpie said about me: "Oh by the way wemon on bigfooty arnt the sort of wemon that men look for, so im sure your probably the tough woman that you are, but I wouldnt call it tough, I would call it Feral, Butch, Ugly, Slag etc etc etc"

    You've been telling stories again haven't you? I don't think I'm THAT butch though??
    Any chance we might draft some hard nuts this year then leave them to rot in the SANFL while the AFL side is soft??

    Deja vu I'm afraid.
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