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  • hey mate, your 6 degrees of football thread is a cracker! thanks for introducing it.
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    Cheers matey. Thought something different would attract interest
    Forgot to put my tips in. Not complaining with how this round has played out haha
    Forgot to put my tips in. Not complaining with how this round has played out
    I just heard in the match broadcast of the news you alluded to 3 days ago (which I didnt know what you were talking about), then read up on it. OMG, this excited me very much (though, poor them)
    I cruise through occasionally but have just got Fox back on after 2 years off. I like to actually have some idea on the subject before I post. :) saw the Man U Spurs game the other night. We're average and for us to be sitting second everyone else must be really shite.
    Cheers...I haven't had a chance to watch Athletic much, but my brother (living in Guernica) tells me they're playing cracking football...just downloading the game now, reports are that we were on fire
    Hopefully Bilbao can do the business...Man United await if we get past Lokomotiv, which would be a game I'd love to see...
    You got them weapons now. Check out the mod board and check in with Messy. Congrats. Done well.
    We went bottom overnight after losing to Blackpool 3-1 at home. We are too far behind now to survive. We need to go back to League 1 and regroup. For the last 4 or 5 years, we have had a reputation of playing a nice passing game but have tried to be more direct this year. We have lost and have been terrible to watch. That which doesn't kill us, strengthens us I guess !!!
    I managed Cartagena from D2B all the way through to Primera Liga champions and European champions on Championship Manager about 10 years ago! :D I even wrote a story for the Championship Manager/Football Manager forums, but I think it's now disappeared into the ether. I'm happy to see that Cartagena is currently in the Segunda Liga - hopefully they can beat the drop.
    The jury is out on how it will work. Willie McKay is a controversial character but Donny need to try something. We have 10 000 regular supporters and an 8 million pound wage bill.

    Donny sign disaffected players on loan and pay 2000 pounds per game while the parent club pays the rest. If the player is then moved on Donny get a cut of the transfer fee.

    We need a miracle to stay up though :(
    Haha, was joking about the Gibson bit, mate. He's a shite ****.

    Think we ****ed up royally not buying a CM in the summer. Hoping, we are interested in M'Villa.
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