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  • Gday mate I was reading an old post of yours where you stated you have two Port 10th year match worn jumpers

    Would you consider selling one? or maybe a trade? I have a very large Port Collection.

    My mobile no. is 0439464935 if you would prefer to msg me.
    can you send me asn email re - the port dvd;s.
    tried to private message you but couodnt.
    i've been away for three months.
    I hate line bets.... Backing your team to lose by a little bit is not exactly sticking your neck out.:)
    Mate, riggy has a perma ban I heard, don't be expecting any bets to be made...
    Hey mate, could you please chuck us a PM on how you went about traveling to the US and booking WM etc as well as other stuff you might have done on your travels?

    Sounds great, thinking of heading to the U.S next year
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