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  • Hi John (I presume that's your name),

    Being the slack person I am, I've only just noticed a post you made in Dec. 2012, in the thread I started about Alex Tsakmakis. If it were at all possible, I would like to talk to you about your knowledge of Alex. If you don't want to do so, I will understand. Please send me a PM, if you can, so we can arrange a further conversation.


    Hi John, I wasn't aware that Tee played with Santana, either way he died in 1993 of cancer. Billy Preston has always been fantastic at whatever he did. Great player, great singer, great bloke. The music scene in Phoenix is pretty good. You've got the likes of George Benson, Steve Gadd, Stevie Nicks, Alice Cooper, Jose Feliciano (is that enough name dropping? :)) who are all residents here but the local scene isn't too bad either. Good players. Some real good players.

    Cheers John

    Apologies, the song is called Can't Turn You Loose - I thinks it may be an old Booker T cover.

    Fantastic song nonetheless.
    Hi John, check out the Gadd Gang on you tube with the late great Richard Tee on keys and Cornell Dupree on guitar. A great solo by Ronnie Cuber on baritone, too. Right up your/our alley.

    Over in the States atm and hope Christmas went well.

    Cheers, Mark.
    Hey mr r
    Its the 17th and late in the arvo and i see your little green light on.
    Hows things down on the old farm?
    Whats the word with a new coach at nth?
    who would you like to see there?
    Take it easy ok
    Hey Mr R
    have sent you a p m was not able to sat night or sunday? dont know why, its just a big thank you.
    Take Good Care K
    Mr magoon
    G'day Mr R
    i have tried to send a pm so you will have to empty your messages to retreive it as it has not got through yet.
    Take care k
    Mr Magoon
    Hi Mr r
    Well im paid up lol yep you herd it right "paid up" i go to the Fitzroy match's each saturday so will only make 5 kanga games.
    I wont be hard to find i will be the stupid 1 wth the Fitzroy hat on lol,i hope we one day soon have that beer lol
    FITZROY till i die but like the kangas lol
    Mr Magoon
    Hi it's Rosemary (Forever Roo). I spoke to Kylie re booking tickets for the B&F. She said she and her fiance, yourself and Joe were going. I will contact Joe separately just to confirm that he is still going. I have already made the booking, but I am still waiting on the invoice which will need to be paid within 30 days. Hope all is well, hope we do great this weekend, not at all confident though. You can either confirm with me through a private message or my email address is Hope to hear from you soon.
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