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  • Thankyou, I am gald some one enjoys them.

    What is curious about posting something remotely intelligent is that it brings other sensible posters and it can often generate a quite enjoyable discussion. Far better than the "my club right or wrong" or "how dare you criticize anything to do with the club!" style drivel which is the stock in trade from a large number of the older hands or the mindless fan boy "we will win the flag 'cos we are so good" standard drivel posts that teh moderators seem to prefer.

    I have to rack off now to a book launch followed by "the eyes on the pies" in the NAB cup GF. It should be interested to see how they set up live without teh disintermediation of the TV.

    A couple of silly threads in the Mustard Pot you might be interested in. Sorry, been flat out with about 6 back-to-back pitches, so haven't been on the floor as much as i'd like.
    yeah agree should have seen the idiots this morning red light runners this morning i could not believe it ! anyway cheers i had forgotten about that message and have forgotten which thread i was referring to lol doesn't matter now though :D
    hey it is not always women tailgating i hate the practice men do it too and worse as women do too , i get tailgated and overtaken illegally in 40 km zones which p's me off some what
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