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  • What's the yellow card for?

    Also, well done on holding onto to Cook. We threw everything at him but he has stayed loyal to you. Unfortunate for us since we still don't have a CEO, but obviously very good news for you.
    mutweed you dog, you voted Sydney as the most irrelevant club in the AFL.......
    Quit sniffing arse and smoke more pot you ****in blow fly
    sorry about the trolling...just fighting back against kardinia park...he loves a good stoush!! its just in fun you know I respect the you guys are far from old and will be thereabouts for years yet...
    your right on the oney Muttweed. Osbourne and bateman torched it. Breust missed sitters.

    However how inspiring was selwood. Although he got beat on the day by Mitchell (Probably could argue he wasnt succesfully) he was inspiring when knocked out to get up like a champion. Leigh matthews like if I can say that. I thought he rallied you with his heart.
    right I am back from the game....congratulations to the cats. I might not be able to be as nice "Out there" hope you understand.
    I must be doing "damn well" then, with Bean being the other common interest as well. ;) Haaha.

    As for favorite character, it has to be Vader, even though the bloke has always had a serious case of Asama. What about you...

    Yoda, Hans Solo, Luke, and the droids are all good too though ..
    Do I score points for being a fan of Star Wars.. Heh.

    But seriously, my favorite is probably Empire Strikes Back, though A New Hope and Return of The Jedi are all damn good despite Senile Lucus and his so-called CGI "upgrades" over the years.. Didn't care for the kid-friendly prequels. How 'bout you..

    Obi vs Vader is one of the best fights in film. Loved those light sabers as a kid especially.
    aw thanks MW :)

    I don't often venture into the Bay, very rarely - just the main and the Geelong boards, plus the General Discussion (I like it there !) & Entertainment bits (music & movies/tv) ..
    ha, my first and probably last BF friend - also everyone's fave Cats fan - the wonderful Ms. Muttweed ! x
    Really? Phantom Menace Yoda looked like a crazy green gremlin on crack. Really poor puppetry, I'm actuelly glad they replaced Puppet Yoda from Phantom Menace with a CGI version for the Blu-Ray release, and I'm not what you'd call a fan of CGI. It actually looks more like the classic puppet Yoda from the original trilogy.
    So mutty, what is it to be?

    CGI Yoda? Puppet Yoda from the original trilogy, or the other puppet Yoda from Phantom Menace?
    The Curse of Mr Bean is definitely one of my favorites, probably the first ep I ever saw.

    Others include: The Curse of Mr Bean, The Trouble with Mr. Bean, Mr Bean in room 462, that haircut episode and the one when he confuses his credit card with someone else and tries to get it back but gets his hand stuck in the other bloke's pocket.

    Classic series
    I used to watch the series all the time as a kid. Great stuff. The 2 movies weren't that great though, but that one moment in the first movie when Bean destroyed the head of the Mona Lisa and replaced it with a smile he drew himself, was ****ing priceless. Funny as hell.
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