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  • I swear I reckon we'd recognise each other if we were to meet up, such is the amount of gigs we seem to go to. i keep browsing around youtube looking at live videos and keeping stumbling across yours!
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    haha, probably man. have you got a account?
    Poetic Justice
    Poetic Justice
    nah, don't use it. is it worth using?
    I think so. It's great to keep organised with what events are coming up.
    Yep! Shame Trav wasn't there, but I got pics and autographs from Jimmy, SJ, Enright, Corey and co - so it was worth heading down from Melbourne for!
    Hey dude, when did you send this? I didn't even see it pop up until now.

    Anyway, welcome back to BF. Still sick but hoping I can come tomorrow.
    * Lily Allen is hot, I want to do very naughty things with her.

    Props for the Toad picture as well. :thumbsu:
    Hey dude I'm Bartel. Can you please draft me. I know Carnthetiges in real life.

    I'd love too come to the Gumbies as well, as you can see I go for the Mighty Cats.

    Damn! I put you on the door and tried to send you a message through bigfooty on Friday afternoon, but I was using the internet on my mobile and it obviously didn't work. I actually had to fly back to Sydney on Friday for a funeral, otherwise I would've had access to a computer.
    I know!! everytime he tapped the ball away from reiwoldt i was like THE Q9 FOR NORM SMITH!!! oh well theres always next year :D
    ok i was gonna put this as my new signature "If you spell The Q9 in Scrabble, you win. Forever." lol but apparently i am only allowed 35 characters :(
    haha. thanks :) i liked that one lol. it was a toss up between that one and The Q9 can slam a revolving door.
    ****ing weak Hawthorn mod can go **** himself. :)

    Make a media release about that, endorsed!!! :rolleyes:

    Biggest wank of a thread I've seen.
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