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  • What happened to your "suspension" anyway.. what a soft ****.

    Ninty: Clarendon at 11.30am. It is booked.
    He pissed off a Hawks mod.

    NINTY i cant PM you... Budda is picking you up from your sisters place Saturday kk.
    yes sad we lost was hoping to win this one , will be a miracle if we make the 8 and a bigger one if we made the GF . hope we can beat st kilda next game only thing going for us is that it is in tassie anyway best wishes for your finals run you should get there with not too much trouble i think ! cheers
    don't worry about maine we know you were not being a troll in the hawk board and i think his post has been deleted anyway only sign of it is where someone is telling him off for what he said to you [ i did try after he had posted it the other night but was having trouble with the server
    OI! haha i just saw your post saying im weak for not going to skilled on sunday! not a fan of the flu, plus had to work at 4 anyways so just watched it on fox....bit of a mismatch anyways :)
    Hehe thanks mate :) He was great in the games he played for your bunch! You still got a soft spot?
    oi stuart, look at my profile picture.

    i guarantee you will have sweet dreams for a longgggg time.
    I mean... you should add me. :p
    Aw ok, I get what you mean :)

    Haha, lolz Emo's are pretty cool. Aww you used to have emo hair thats sooo cute!!

    Lol, yeah he's fine :p Still the same shy guy, but yeah he isnt interetsed in me. Hopefully we can become mates though.. if hes in my class next year!

    Yeah! I am pretty happy with the draft. As you can see I have a draftee as my avatar.. and thats Shaun McKernan. He was a steal.

    Geelong to be honest did pretty bad; they got all under aged players and got players earlier then expected!

    Aha, thats cool then.

    Yeah alright! My msn is
    I rarely go on; I only go on when someone tells me too or im in the mood :p
    Nintyyyyyy! I havent talked to you in years ;D
    Why was it shit? November was awesome for me because of the draft haha. And school is nearly over soooo.

    lol.. i hope you havent become emo :D

    Well, I am going very well thanks. You?

    News? Hmm, well I talked to my crush today, the draft was one of the bets days of my life.. and yeah I cant think of much else news.

    What do you mean I didnt add you on msn :p
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