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  • hahaha.. i didnt notice u yelling anything embarrasing.. i think Eliza just added that bit for fun... i just said tall skinny guy i think :)
    I think its actually cheap there LOL!
    Everyone loves the merlo..

    OMG I know who he is now
    Guy from foo fighters!!
    Hmmm... I think we do.

    I love the song copacabana AHAHAHHAHAAHAH! LOL!

    Its not FAIL! Your fail for thinking that hes not emo :p

    You dont know what Jenke is? Well my mum sells it.. you should try it lol.
    Soz for the long reply.. I was on the phone to my friend hahaha.

    Noooo soz I dunno his name... im not getting banned.. no joke!

    Hahaha :p

    Gooooooooooooooooood! Have you ever drank Jenke wine?
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH sorry. Haha had a pretty hard day at school 2day so im pretty stuffed in the head :D

    And this guy isnt!?

    Hahahahaha.. you have something wrong with your head Mr.!

    Hmm.. wine can be nice sometimes.. so I take sips.

    You a big fan of wine? lol!
    SSBBrawl? I have never heard of it.. lol
    Immm sooo gonna get it for Chrissie I think.. except my friend wants to marry this guy:
    Whom is the lead singer of metro station.. and there coming to Adelaide.
    So she is forcing me to go.. and if its really expensive.. then that will be my chrissie present :'(

    Hahaha.. who cares.. I still drink wine and im 14 ^_- ...

    Hahaha.. naa I dont, but my mum sells wine and every so often I take a sip of her glass.. just a sip :D
    Crap you have soooooo many!!

    Haha Pokemon snap is sooo legendary.. yes you take photos :p

    I am gonna get one for Christmas I think.. so yeah.

    Whats your favourite game on wii?
    Oh I see :D
    Hmmmmm I dont think Toad > Yoshi is a true fact... but if that makes you happy :p
    NO! I sooooo want a wii like no joke SO BAD! I guess you do?
    I have a PS2.. quite old.. but it still has my legendary games.
    And I have a Nintendo64.. just so I can play pokemon snap.

    Heard of that game?

    What other game consolses do you have?
    Hmmm.. who bought it then
    I have Pokemon on DS tooooooo but I never play it. I never play DS actually lol.
    The last game I probably played was Mario Party with my two best mates.
    I am always:
    He is sooo cute and soo good at everything.

    You have got to just love Pokemon because its awesome :p
    I was sooo good in Pokemon silver.. I got Mew and Mew2!!!
    But somebody stole it :'(

    Yeah I guess. I always wanted Prismall in Adelaide until I figured he was a bit overrated :o Sorry.
    In Bomber Thompsons eyes.. yes he was underrated, but from other people opinions (on bigfooty for example) he is pretty overrated.

    Ahh I see! And thats why Toad is on your Bigfooty card :)

    Favourite nintendo game :p?

    Awww Prismall is a pretty good player, a bit overrated though. Burns sucks :p

    So whats the purpose of your name.. Ninty ??


    maybe i am not jealous.....
    7 trades.

    Hahaha, I had 7 trades left in like round 10.. lol

    So you a bit disapointed after the grand final? :p

    Are you into the draft this year? If so.. who do you want.. or what do you think you will aim for?
    yehh..lawl maybe im just jealous.
    you know with the whole 06 draft thing...but at least we got hoff <333
    Boaks gunna be good though, and a future captain too.
    I seeeee ...

    Umm... I came like 900th.. but was 14th at one point.. then injuries struck my way when I had 0 trades sooo I got knocked out in everything :p
    So you r a female?

    Joel is amazing.. I love him.

    Porps is sexy.. thats why he was in your DT :P

    Haha he was in mine too.. obviously.

    What did you come?
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