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    MVP Suns Board Medal 2021

    5 Miller 4 Powell 3 Anderson 2 Greenwood 1 Rowell
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    Game Day Round 14 vs Port Adelaide @ Metricon Stadium (19.06.21 - 1:45pm)

    Been busy at work not much time to report. Massive few weeks for the entire club starting today. Don't expect a win but do expect a total effort from the entire team. We must show improvement by the end of the season or else big changes will have to happen. Pressure will either bring the best or...
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    MVP Suns Board Medal 2021

    5 Miller 4 Powell 3 Markov 2 Greenwood 1 Lemmens
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    MVP Suns Board Medal 2021

    5 Lukosius 4 Miller 3 King 2 Ellis 1 Markov
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    Review Round 11 vs Hawthorn @ Sydney Cricket Ground (29.05.21 - 7:40pm)

    Really surprised like a few others with the omission of Corbett, SCG is a ground where you need some marking strength which we don't have. We do have a pretty good record there so will see what happens but the lack of big men is a concern. Best news of the week : Rowell maybe back after the bye...
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    MVP Suns Board Medal 2021

    5 Miller 4 Powell 3 Lukosius 2 Swallow 1 Collins
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    Review Round 10 vs Geelong @ GMHBA Stadium (22.05.21 - 2:10pm)

    Reality nothing in the seconds to improve the firsts. Good luck to Zac but he has been very ordinary in three games back. No way Lemmens and Farrer will be dropped . Ainsworth and Rankine on the cards.
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    MVP Suns Board Medal 2021

    5 Swallow 4 Anderson 3 Collins 2 Flanders 1 Greenwood
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    MVP Suns Board Medal 2021

    5 miller 4 Swallow 3 Powell 2 Bowes 1 Greenwood
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    MVP Suns Board Medal 2021

    5 Miller 4 greenwood 3 Ellis 2 Corbett 1 Lemmens
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    2021 draft and trade period

    At this stage we need rucks and key position players.
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    MVP Suns Board Medal 2021

    5 Miller 4 Anderson 3 Lemmens 2 King 1 Holman
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    MVP Suns Board Medal 2021

    5 Ellis 4 Lukosius 3 Corbett 2 Farrer 1 Collins
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    Review Round 5 vs Bulldogs @ Marvel Stadium (17.04.21 - 4:35pm)

    Tough day at the office for both sides . Undermanned undersize playing a good opponent in red hot form. Reality says could get ugly for both teams just hoping we compete well and show some flair during the game. And no more bloody" INJURIES".
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    Review Round 4 vs Carlton @ Metricon Stadium (10.04.21 - 7:25pm)

    Like most supporters frustration is a common word we use when watching the Suns . Again we had chances but blew them with poor turnovers and choices. Very annoyed watching the last ten minutes, we were a goal or two down but continued playing slow motion football, kicking wide to players who...