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  • Sadly noddy, I have been evicted from the bay. No longer shall I roam in the same circles as you.:heart: I will see you on the Adelaide board :thumbsu:
    :heart:But my sweet pea are the BEST visitor of all!!!!!!
    I think I must provoke some kind of visitor frenzy!
    Can't think why.:confused:
    The whole dyertribe diversion was detracting from what should have been a celebration of WALL-e's promotion. I deleted all the related posts from that page, but left your post in because you were still on-topic :) I edited out the bit about dyertribe though since it referenced posts that were now deleted.
    Thanks Nodster...I was beginning to feel a bit all alone there for a while !!!;)
    Hey there old fart. Happy New Year.

    How's Bart going? We went down to Normanville for a few days over xmas and got to take Sunny. He saw his first horse!! Funny thing was that he got 3 walkies a day and by the 3rd one he was trying to hide so he didn't go! He still won't go in the water over his depth though. Some duck dog!

    Take care old fella.
    Coming down to see the Bays lose this weekend are you?

    JK, hope it's a good game.

    How's Bart the blunderdog going? Sunny say's 'bark'
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