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  • Hi do you know what caused maggie5 to cancel her account, such a shame
    No mate but I am trying to contact her and Picaboo behind the scenes. I'm hopeful to get them both back.
    Thanks we have so many aggressive posters last thing we need is to lose them
    Hey NT, noticed you mentioned in Tempests thread about being concerned about eating well and exercising regularly. Didnt want to go off topic there but just thought I'd share this thread with you. http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/intermittent-fasting.965961/
    Since I started intermittent fasting I have a lot more energy, its also good for weight loss if thats one of your goals :)
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    I'm all for looking at weight loss options so thanks PP I'll have a look for sure - thanks again
    Good for you Aaron sounds like life is good.

    I'm doing Navy Reserve and am doing all the ACPB platform inductions and courses.

    NT Thunder is playing Gold Coast Reserves up here this weekend. Might be interesting.

    I'll follow your teams through the year. All the best.

    - Mark
    Hey Aaron hows things?

    Congrats on the good start in SC. You might just finish best in the Territory again.

    Whats with 'ACT Thunder'? Have you left Darwin?

    Im doing some 25mm training at DNB this week. I'll keep an eye out for you if your still about?

    C'arn the Pies.

    - Mark
    The changes are good. Chad is a must. On Hase, he has burnt me in the past. He isn't currently in my team, but may still make it there.
    Yeah, Hodge was a concern and wasnt sure whether he would come up trumps early. Maybe i'll downgrade to Chornes and use the money on upgrading Hase as i'm still not comfortable with him, apparently he had a good game though.

    Brown i think will go alright as he is a need for W/C and seems to be highly rated over west, arent they all over there though. I think we could see him swing both ends of the ground. Maybe i'll upgrade Hogan to Yarran and bench Brown.

    Hey NT,

    This is my preferred team.

    I wouldn't be selecting Hodge yet. He always destroys it in the second half of the year. I know from a very good source that he isn't all that comfortable with it yet.

    How convinced are you with Brown to start? I am looking at him but haven't decided yet. What is your reasoning?

    Great side though...
    Hodge, Fisher, Goddard, Adcock, Houlihan, Raines, Hill (Suban/Broughton)

    Gablett, Kornes, Salopek, Haselby, Mackay, Rich (Robinson/Anthony)

    Cox, Petrie (Currie/Jacobs)

    Pavlich, Delidio, Chapman, Thomas, Higgins, Krakour, M.Brown (Hogan/Garlett)
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