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  • Hey Couch Potato. Didnt mean to come across as snide or shooting you down.

    My reply was lazy to say the least. Just a play on the surprise aspect of the pic!

    I have no hard feelings towards you and rather enjoy the to & fro with you.

    Also, you dont stoop to cheap shots or playing the man like so many otherss seem to on this site. For this I applaud you.

    Once again, apologies for the slight.


    Off The Couch
    Off The Couch
    It's fine, your entitled to your opinion as am I - hodges like for the ale is nothing new and an ongoing topic of discussion but in the off season it's his own.

    It's an Internet forum and I'm never going to get personal - it's a discussion forum and sometimes we are going to god forbid, disagree.

    All is good
    Our mate's back. Must have been hard for him sitting and waiting so long for us to lose 1 game....against a terrific a game we had every chance to win.... :)
    No worries, I was just about to send you a PM, and make sure you didn't take my post the wrong way. I only quoted your post because it pretty much summed up how I see a lot of others feel about his being on our board.
    Ah, gotcha. Completely missed that. :D

    I did post a reminder on his wall but never got a response. I agree, his postings have dried up in relation to Hawthorn just recently. :thumbsu:
    we thought we'd retain savage and either choose one other (gold) or two others (silver). Depends what goodies we can get off the club, really!

    what's your preference?
    It'll be a poll vote. All democratic. as for the magpie army invading, just watch... Pup's available as are: Isaac Smith
    Mitch Hallahan
    Angus Litherland
    Will Langford
    Jack Mahony

    Many more too!
    Looks like we can get any of the enw players for the sponsorship. Should have the players up in a day or two. Gee, it's going to be a long off-season.
    I don't really remember commenting too much on Franklin/Hall/Pavlich/Brown and the umpires attitudes toward them. I think Buddy gets hard done by on occasion. He gets manhandled a bit, no more than Cam Mooney though. He makes it hard for the umps through his own actions on occasion too, loves to cede front position in a 1 on 1 and nudge players under the ball, and likes to palm tacklers in the face would be my observations. Thought in the PF against St Kilda a couple of years ago Hudgton should have been pinged several times and he wasn't.

    Any throwaway troll stuff in Bay 13 needs to be taken as just that.
    sorry mate just stirring or at least trying to lloyd i do rate when he is great he is un stoppable and he did work other areas not just forwards line he normally kicks more then 3 against us if i remember rightly
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