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  • Hey mate I am confused with ppm/mmv and other weird conversion units

    I just can't get that into my head. I remember staying after class and sitting a whole lunch time with my teacher and I still didn't get it. It's coming to bite me in unit 3 so it would be great if you good give me some tips

    thanks again
    hey mate just a quick quesiton

    don't understand work. Does work = kinetik energy? How?
    Work equals the change in kinetic energy
    Hey mate this is a stupid physics/chem question that I can't find on google.

    I didn't want to post on the education thread

    Why exactly is it bad if green house gases absorb infrared ray? They are being reflected by the ozone layer anyways?? So what happens when they do absorb it? Does the infrared go away or does it warm the Earth??

    When energy is absorbed, whatever absorbs it heats up.
    Cheers Opti, although the current blue keeps making me think I look like a North supporter!
    He just makes shit up. If someone doesn't know a player they usually don't comment. He thinks he knows every junior in the land.
    Seriously, what's with you jumping down my throat whenever I make a post on here?

    **** man, I used to respect your opinions. I still do, because usually they're close enough to the mark. I don't get what the hell your issue is with me.
    Opti, you tend to be good at this sort of stuff, can you check my most recent post (its the second last in the thread) in the seating thread and assist me if you can?
    I'm pretty sure I saw you on TV today. It was just before they cut to an ad after Josh Fraser's goal in the third quarter. It was only about half a second, but I'm sure it was you.
    I had Franklin first up and Blight and Daniher, and I've got Jolly - so no excuses. I suspect you haven't been attending training sessions. Your boys are running wild.
    No, I'll probably be lucky to make my 5:00pm deadline, so will have to watch it on tv.
    Hey boy - HOMP's beating you in Supercoach!
    And there's so much left! We won't be able to drag ourselves to the G if we keep this up. Not that I could stand another game like Saturday's.....
    Thanks mate.

    I'm a big believer of everything happens for a reason, and after seeing this article I found myself eager to watch a DVD my mum had brought home about attitude and the importance of a positive one and it had a big impact on me.
    haha suree ;)
    why is he a douche? He is one of the worst TV presenters in history (worse than Rob Walls and Tim Lane), I saw him do the Ashes I think?? crap I've just had a mental blank but anyway it was recently on SBS and he was pitiful.

    I think we might start seeing a few more 22's floating around in a few years. 36 I had on my very first jumper (I miss Sav :( ) I liked that wizard cup one, we should have worn it more often.

    You should go on ebay there are heaps of matchday jumpers on there. they're from 2007/8 reasonably priced for what they are IMO.
    The one we wore against Brisbane one year? or the old old old one that didn't even have stripes on it really? have you got a player's heritage one or did you buy it? I've also got last season jumper what numbers do you have if at all?

    haha "supposedly" it's okay - I already know you notice men ;)
    lol nah Watson's personality ruins him for me and Clarke is a w***er. Katich is okay but just cos he plays for Australia turns me off lol.
    When I did like them however, Damien Martin wasn't bad lol
    that's because none of the players are attractive. When you've got someone like Bollinger on your team, what hope are you?! lol.

    Actually make it 4 - I've bought 2 clash jumpers - Dane Swan's and Shannon Cox's (for Luke Ball), Wellingham's 21 with Wizard on the front, and an orange training jumper from 2007 or 8 can't remember. I spend waaay too much money on them lol but any player issue jumper is worth it in my opinion lol
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