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  • Your question was valid. We are asking ourselves the same thing.
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    Thank you.

    The level of civility in hawk Talk is trending down in the direction of main board levels. I was a bit shocked by LukeHodge15's recent bout of petulant puerility especially his flat out refusal to tolerate any view of JOR other than his own.

    Oh well, I'm glad you people are mods and have to deal with this inanity and not me.
    I enjoy your posts mate.....and would love to contribute to training reports. Proxomity being the issue. Keep up the good work. :thumbsu:
    ...This forum - and club - needs an occasional reality check, even some of our more successful sides had a number of areas they could improve, without constant improvement the team as a whole will actually go backward. I feel that there were a few egos around the place in '09 that believed a little too much of the hype, and our crop of new talent was found to not really be up to the standard required to be a sustained top end team. I feel a lot more positive about the direction the club is heading this season, particularly the recruiting strategy.

    Funny thing around bigfooty is there is definitely a group that do not want the team to change, yet they expect the club to be more successful, this is despite the fact that you only need to look back to 07/08 to see there were a number of players that had to make way for the club to become a real powerhouse. Short memories hey..

    Anyhow - keep up the good work.
    Unfortunately I have a couple of dead digi channels at the moment, and didn't even catch a delayed broadcast of the NAB final. Better get to work installing a decent Yagi or i may miss some real football.

    I agree that even some of the stars of the side, rare talents, have areas they can improve. Buddy is a great player, but to suggest (as many have been) that he alone is the answer to our problems is really naive, other teams have been prepared for him for 3 years, they target him, so its up to the rest of the team to take up the slack...
    Hi Ordi,

    I have been enjoying your posts, love your style. Good to see some thoughtful analysis and insight added to the discussions.
    Hi mate

    Although our opinions of Burgoyne may differ a little re game impact, speed etc, etc, I found your insight quite interesting as to the Clubs past drafting and the prospects of the young guys still to take the next step.
    I also believe that Clarko and Co are going to go for bust and try for another flag in the short term. I'm hopeful but not that confident that it will play out in our favour this year and the next.
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