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  • No problem. Im not back in town until the weekend, so finery ing will wait until then.
    Thanks for having the guts to say what you think. I'm amazed at how many posters went to ground after the GC presentation. I'm still trying to get over my outrage and depression at what they served up, but I don't live on the GC- I'm not a local. I will be seeing games down there because my brother will be living at Robina shortly, so we'll get to games that interest us.
    Whatever threads you want to put up to push a respectable GC case, I'll support you in, and ask that you do the same for my threads. I'll try and present some humorous offerings though to get responses, and with a bit of mischief, keep the rage boiling. I'm betting GC17 now believe it will all die down over summer. Can't wait to see the jersey design and responses when its announced. How much did those consultants reap to deliver a red neon sign and a matching life guard that not even 5% voted for??????? $50,000 each ?
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